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Savannah Bananas
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We think there’s a better way to do almost everything. So we will try it all. Some people may think we’re crazy. But we are okay with that. No matter what, we just want to have fun. We are driven by this goal to make baseball fun. And ultimately give fans the best possible experience at our ballpark. We call this Fans First.

We launched the Savannah Bananas on February 25, 2016. Immediately, we received national recognition. Trending on Twitter, shoutouts on Sportscenter, Good Morning America all came within the first 24 hours.

Later, we gained more national news when our President found an abandoned puppy left at our ballpark. He and his wife took her in and Daisy became the Bananas bat dog and our most popular staff member.

Fast forward to the season and the storybook year continued. We broke the stadium attendance record as 18 of the 25 games sold out. The team, led by Head Coach Sean West took the league by storm and won the Coastal Plain League Championship.

Other awards would follow such as Organization of the Year, Executives of the Year and Sports Event of the Year.

More than anything, we became a part of the community. We made a difference. And that’s what makes us most proud.

The Bananas story has just begun. We are ready for the next chapter. And we are ready for you to join us. Just buckle up. It’s going to be a crazy ride.

1401 E. Victory Drive
Savannah, GA
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