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Royal Restrooms

Outdoor event guests everywhere needed a sensible portable restroom alternative, and two innovative guys with an idea had the solution.

On a beautiful spring day in Savannah, Georgia, commercial banker David Sauers, Jr. and his family were enjoying a festival in one of the city’s community parks. The occasion gave Sauers opportunity to introduce exciting experiences to his young children. Then the inevitable call of nature struck his potty-training daughter.

As Sauers approached the porta potties at the edge of the venue with his daughter and infant on his hip, he encountered a conundrum with the situation he faced. The portable toilets had no lights, no toilet paper, no running water, no soap, and no room for the threesome.

Any number of disasters could, and did occur, leaving dad and daughter soiled, the infant in the arms of a stranger, and all three of them annoyed by their unfortunate experience. Their day at the festival was done. A portable bathroom fail.

Substandard bathroom conditions at outdoor events abruptly turned unacceptable to Sauers. Embracing necessity for change in the industry, he resolved to develop a sanitary and comfortable portable bathroom option.

Sauers partnered with friend and engineer Robert Glisson to create the premium portable restroom rental company in the USA. Leaving successful careers behind them, Sauers and Glisson co-founded Royal Restrooms®, paved the way for contemporary portable restrooms for special occasions like weddings, festivals, emergency response/disaster relief, business remodels and became leaders in the luxury portable restrooms industry.


When the day absolutely has to be perfect, and the guests must be impressed, go with the professionals with the proven track record and thousands of raving fans across the USA. Royal Restrooms has the finest luxury restroom trailers in the industry, and world-class Platinum Service.

For the most important events in your life, Royal Restrooms is the nation’s leading provider of high quality fancy porta pottys and bathroom rentals for your most special events such as weddings, festivals, black-tie events, business remodels and emergency response.



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