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GoCard, Inc.
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GoCard introduces a more impactful way for professionals to connect with each other by launching their unique digital business card platform. Described as "the purest form of your Digital & Social Hub for your Professional Life," GoCard was exclusively designed and engineered for professionals that are at the top of their industry. Each GoCard showcases all of your links, icons and social media in one place! GoCard is passionate about the core principle of "having only one chance to make that critical first impression." Knowing this can make or mar a relationship, GoCard was designed to empower professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs to introduce the best possible version of themselves the first time…every time, giving you a completely unfair advantage over your competition! Simply put…if you have customers or clients, then GoCard will only create more business for you. GoCard offers over 20 custom features to meet the diverse needs of all industries, regardless of your nature of business. GoCard enables you to "e-troduce" yourself in a non-intrusive and disarming way by simply texting your GoCard to a potential lead. This technology easily allows you to bypass the traditional methods of cold calling. Studies have shown a 90% open/response rate from potential clients that can see who you are in their text feed. The most common theme GoCard clients seem to share is, they all appreciate how much easier it is for other people to refer their information via their GoCard link.

2 Autumn Lake Drive
Savannah, Georgia
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