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GoCard, Inc.
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GoCard is your Digital Business Card, completely re-imagined from the ground up by industry leading, award winning marketing professionals!  It embodies the essence of a Digital & Social Hub for your professional world. Say goodbye to the hassle of having contacts download an app to access your information. With GoCard, your digital card integrates instantly onto your contact's home screen – a seamless experience!

We're on a mission to rejuvenate the joy and security in networking. GoCard is engineered to showcase the best version of you, every single time you connect. Equipped with advanced technology, it alerts you the moment a potential client engages, ensuring you never miss an opportunity.

No matter your industry, GoCard is a catalyst for growth. Tailored to elevate your professional image, each GoCard is a unique creation, offering features that far surpass what your competitors have. With over 50 custom options, your GoCard competes with top-tier apps at a fraction of the cost.

For less than your daily coffee and with a swift three-day turnaround, GoCard is an investment in your most valuable asset – TIME. Our team, boasting over two decades of expertise in design and programming, can customize your GoCard to your exact needs.

Don't wait any longer. Invest in yourself and unlock the full potential of your GoCard today!

(912) 658-4285
9 Oakhaven Lane
Savannah, Georgia
United States
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