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Clarity for High Performance

People Development is our focus! I work with leaders & organizations to close the gaps of where they are and where they want to be. I'm Victoria Baylor, CPC, CODC, CNLP and I'm a Leadership and Organizational Development Coach, Consultant and Speaker.

I provide SUPPORT in 3 ways:

1. I help organizations address and work to resolve the turnover/employee engagement challenges through various intervention modes such as diagnostics, teambuilding, executive & managerial coaching & development, etc And I love to work with organizations to help with people development, cultural assessment, and productivity improvement.

2. I work with leaders to help them reach their own developmental, growth and productivity goals. I work with leaders as a whole who are business owners, presidents, executives, non-profits, etc. I have specialized programming also to address the needs of women leaders who want to produce a strong personal brand presence. I help leaders move past mindset blocks, gain clarity in who they are, and get the confidence to release their potential.

3. I am a keynote, professional ad TEDx speaker I love sharing my clarity, mindset & leadership development messages with business organizations, colleges, social groups, and charities. I LOVE engaging groups and bringing a vibrant, empowering and uplifting feel to all of my presentations.

Interested in possibly working together or need more information? Visit this link:

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