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Aldrjoy Hydration and Beauty

Aldrjoy Hydration and Beauty is a medical spa that provide health, wellness, and beauty services. We offer IV vitamin hydration and vitamin injections, medical grade skin care services along with professional grade skin products to use at home, painless laser hair removal made for all skin types, and medical grade body contouring with weight lost injections.

This medical spa brand established by Aldreka Campbell with over 15 years of experience in iv therapy, critical care, ambulatory services, and emergency care. Aldreka Campbell has also taken an IV hydration business startup seminar and several aesthetic classes. During the first six months of business, the business-focused solely on IV Vitamin Hydration, Vitamin injections, and attending health and wellness networking.

The IV hydration therapy is a preventative health and wellness service that will use the science of IV hydration and injection therapy to replenish fluid levels quickly, increase energy immediately, boost immunity, cold and flu remedy, provide athletic recovery, hangover detoxification, skin care, body fat burner that decreases weight and increases metabolism, stress reliever, and productivity and efficiency in your daily activities to maximize recovery to the community.

This currently takes place in a comfortable environment within a convenient and centralized midtown location.

Aldrjoy Hydration and Beauty is your one stop place to meet your health, wellness, and beauty needs.

5501 Abercorn Street
Unit D152
Savannah, Ga
ZIP Code
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