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Southern Design Bee

Em Bronson is a creative leader who specializes on building experiences. Her work has always been fueled by color, cultures, and applying design thinking into creative business.
With a vast knowledge in all things creative Southern Design Bee was founded to help local businesses and individuals within the community show up as their best selves. Brand Identity, interiors, consulting, hand lettering, event planning and everything in between. No project is too big or too small- if you have ideas let’s talk!

Before founding Southern Design Bee Em lead teams across a global creative company developing every type of product, from Ornaments to Home Decor. Focusing her strengths on building not only brands but engaged teams. In her 15 years her skills were used not only with graphic design, but concept stores, trade shows, celebrity collaborations, pitching and leading growing business, and being a maker across all platforms: web, live news, videos, and in person seminars.

Em has served on numerous boards and likes to support and stay actively involved in her local communities.

912 596-4704
620 W Victory Dr
Savannah, Georgia
ZIP Code
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