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Lilu Farms Dispensary
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Lilu Farms Dispensary is Savannah farm to table purveyor of good times. We sell a wide array of THC products in edible, drinkable, vape-able, and smokable form. A majority of our products are quite psychoactive so if you're looking to get buzzed, we have what you need. Along with our "good times" products, we do carry a great deal of goods made for therapeutic purposes like helping with inflammation, anxiety, or relaxation. About half the products in the store are our own. They are made from hemp we grow ourselves all within 150 miles from Savannah. We also have an organic chemist in our ownership group, which allows us to isolate the various compounds in the cannabis plant ourselves. We then take those compounds and make edibles, vape oil, cosmetic products, concentrate, pre-rolls, and blunts. We're located on Whitaker St between Bay and Bryan St. Look for the Orange Elephant.

912 228-8882
10 Whitaker St
Suite B, GA Savannah
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