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Forsyth Farmers’ Market

Forsyth Farmers’ Market is more than a market. We know that the industrial food system does not offer equal access to fresh and healthy foods. So, we work to grow an equitable food system that improves access to healthy, fresh, culturally relevant foods for those who have been marginalized through a mobile farmers’ market, nutrition education, and doubling SNAP benefits. By increasing food access, promoting healthy eating, and partnering with local health centers and other organizations, FFM works to reduce health disparities and diet-related chronic disease and improve wellbeing in our community.
Further, FFM strives for a local food system in which our local farmers are supported and valued and are able to diversify their sales in communities that they otherwise might not have access to. We generate spaces in which producers and consumers can connect directly.
Access to healthy food should be a right and not a privilege, and the health of our community and the wellbeing of our farmers should coincide, leading to a more sustainable and equitable local food system.

2603 Mechanics Ave
Savannah, GA
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